The ‘Gensingen Brace’

The Gensingen brace (GBW) is a recent development. While bracing today still consists of more or less symmetric braces compressing the rib - and lumbar humps (i.e. Boston derivates, Stagnara brace and actual derivates) or asymmetric braces pressing the rib - and lumbar humps with voids opposite to the pressure areas (Chêneau braces), the GBW follows another principle.

In order to improve comfort and correction we are aiming to implement a pattern specific corrective movement which is derived from the original Schroth method and has been elaborated further. This development has resulted in less pressure areas and much less compression forces than with its precursors. The gains in comfort are appreciated by the patients. Therefore, with the 'Schroth Braces' also successful outcomes are possible in curves beyond 40°.

Original manuscript by Katharina Schroth, the Grandmother of Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss.
The 'Schroth Brace' and the 'Schroth exercises' follow the same corrective movement.
This brace is made on the basis of computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM) and is constantly developed further for better comfort.

In the United Kingdom there has been a change in December 2021: Sally Hews, CPO - formerly responsible at LOC for brace treatment of patients with spinal deformities - has started her own company 'Braced for Scoliosis' and is now our distributor for the United Kingdom. 
We are pleased to introduce her as our competent distribution partner for the United Kingdom:

Sally is an experienced Orthotist specialising in evidence-based conservative treatment of Scoliosis. With almost 20 years’ experience she has developed a specialist Scoliosis bracing service within the South East of England. 
Sally is Bupa registered, and has specialised in the Gensingen brace since 2017. She is the UK’s most experienced Gensingen brace provider. The Gensingen brace by Dr Weiss works in conjunction with Schroth therapy, and is primarily for adolescent and early onset (juvenile) Idiopathic Scoliosis.
We are happy that Sally since 2023 is also member of our international team of CAD designers!