International Best Practice Bracing Centers

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The following ‘full service’ scoliosis centers provide treatment according to the highest standards with evidence based, state-of-the-art management of patients with scoliosis and other spinal deformities.
The Gensingen Brace according to Dr. Weiss (GBW) as well as other specific CAD braces are made available by Koob Scolitech GmbH.

Best Practice Bracing Instructors:

Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD (Senior Instructor)
(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Orthopedic Surgeon, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Chiropractor, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist; Senior Consultant of Koob Scolitech GmbH, Neu Bamberg, Germany

In cooperation with 

Manuel Lay, OT (OMM) Lay Orthopädie - Technik; Straße von Triptis 8; 56856 Zell (Mosel), Germany; +49 6542 5494, e-mail:

  Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 21.00.04 Maksym Borysov (Senior Instructor) (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Rehabilitation Specialist, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist,  Orthotist, Physiotherapist Best practice Instructor, "Orttech-plus» Rehabilitation Service Ukraine, Kharkiv;

..... Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 21.12.12 Xiaofeng Nan, CPO Official distributor Mainland China (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Orthotist, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist Nan Xiaofeng's Spinal Orthopedic Workshop Room 806, unit 2, on the 15th floor of the zhongmao square Beilin district of  Xi 'an Shaanxi, China 

Adjunct Best Practice bracing instructors for China (in cooperation with Xiaofeng Nan):

Zhao Liwei (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Orthotist, Room 1409, National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids,Ronghua zhong Road No.1, Daxing District of Beijing.  
Xie Hua (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Orthotist, Room 8, Floor 20, Building 1, Fengming Plaza, No. 136 Fengtian Avenue, Shapingba District, Chongqing city.  
Xu Wei (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Orthotist, Room 601, Building 8, Shiqiao Park Community, No 9, XingYe Road, Jiang'an district, Wuhan city, Hubei province.  
Wang Jiaqi (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Orthotist, Room 1916 Park Cheer Residences, Bin Sheng Road No. 1870, Binjiang District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-03 um 21.53.38 Dr. Budi Sugiarto Widjaja, MD Official distributor South East Asia (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing), Official Schroth Best Practice Basic course and Bracing Instructor Spine Clinic Family Holistic Jakarta, Indonesia. Clinic Address: Jl.Daan Mogot no 176A. Jakarta Barat. Indonesia 11520 Website: Phone: +62 8561147133 Email: 

..... Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 21.00.19 Dr. Marc Moramarco, DC (Senior Instructor) Official distributor North America (Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Chiropractor, Spinal Deformities Rehabilitation Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist; Scoliosis 3DC, Woburn (Boston), MA, USA.


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Best Practice Bracing Center Australia


All persons on our lists have agreed that their names and contact data are published on this website. The only purpose of the use of their personal data is to provide a list of professionals where patients worldwide can find a specialized therapist / orthotist. The data will not be used for other purposes and will not be processed for other reasons. No automated processing of this data will take place. Persons / therapists listed have the right to withdraw their permission as well as the right to demand correction whenever needed. No other data of the persons / therapists as listed are recorded or processed.