These colleagues together will implement Scoliosis Schroth Best Practice (SBP) Rehabilitation and the Best Practice bracing service in Uruguay soon: (from right to left) 
Daniela Hernández, Physical Therapist, SBP, RPG; 
Dr. Gabriel Darricarrere, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, SBP; 
Dr. Santiago Lasa, Orthopedic / Trauma Surgeon, SBP, together with Dr. Weiss.
Contact: Schrothbestpractice.LATAM@gmail.com.

Dr. Santiago Lasa also has helped to translate the latest version of the guidebook, which can be found here...

I have scoliosis (español) 

Course November 2023

Lic. Ft. Carolina Blanco 
FisioClinica Maldonado
Dodera 515 Ed. Torres Cardinal Apto. 107, Maldonado
+598 99722137

Daniela Hernández, PT
Punta del Este, Uruguay. 
Tel: +59897031629
E-mail: danielahfisio@gmail.com

Gabriel Darricarrere, MD, Physiatrist
Rocha, Uruguay. 
Tel: +59899557866 (WhatsApp)
E-mail: dr.gdarricarrere@gmail.com

Santiago Lasa Maeso, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Montevideo, Uruguay.
Tel: +59899395141
E-mail: santiagolasa@gmail.com