SBP advanced course application

What you need to do prior to your SBP advanced course application

The SBP advanced course, for which one can apply the earliest 12 months after SBP basic certification (former B-Level),  will contain certain topics you have to prepare yourself for: We will have a look at kyphosis and Scheuermann's disease, pain and deformity, adult scoliosis etc..

Please prepare yourself by reading the following scientific papers you can download using the following links on:

Scheuermann's disease 
Unspecific low back pain & deformity
Unspecific low back pain & brace treatment
Scoliosis & Prader Willi Syndrome
Spinal fusion surgery
Congenital scoliosis
Comprehensive review
Scoliosis bracing and exercise for pain management in adults
Application of extracorporeal shockwaves in the treatment of scoliosis

Also please read the indication guidelines:

SOSORT guidelines I
SOSORT guidelines II

You need to have experience with a minimum of 50 scoliosis patients you have treated with the SBP basic approach. Finally please submit ten of your cases like in the documentation attached:

Patient Presentations

Watch the videos provided in the following: