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Finally, here is the 11th. edition of the guidebook 'I Have Scoliosis' authored by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss

Weiss H-R. I Have Scoliosis: A Guidebook for Patients, Family Members, and Therapists. IHSAGPFMT [Internet]. 2021Sep.9 [cited 2021Sep.10];:1-98. Available from:
Increasingly evidence can be found for physiotherapy in the treatment of patients with a scoliosis. Bracing, once controversial, is now regarded as having a scientific basis. In contrast, evidence is lacking for the surgical treatment of scoliosis and recent studies on long-term results raise serious question. The future, therefore, belongs to the conservative, non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. The good news is that the latest developments in specific physiotherapy and bracing, aimed at helping the patients according to their individual curve pattern, now offer improved chances of stopping curvature progression and even the potential to reduce a significant proportion of curvatures. Therapy specific to scoliosis aims for results acceptable for everyday living and to minimize its effects on the afflicted. After a short time and without major theoretical training, patients can learn a sense of postural awareness and help themselves by learning to avoid curvature-stimulating behavior.

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I Have Scoliosis: A Guidebook for Patients, Family Members, and Therapists

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