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Dear colleagues,

for your patients and their families (and for other colleagues as well) you may share the following links:

Especially, the guidebook may be of help to reduce your time for giving advice when patients read the book (available online without charge) prior to visiting you!

Another link is to a vid I have produced (just for a first try): I would like to ask you whether you would find it reasonable if I would (step by step) produce improved versions of this vid, of the Evidence presentation and of the brace presentation of the basic course. just have a look:

All the best



If you want to learn more about scoliosis bracing you might be interested in our actual State of the Art paper published today:
Hope you like it!

Paper on surgery just published in the South African Journal of Physiotherapy today:


Lisa and Pernille just have finished their September SBP basic course in Copenhagen and have shared this nice vid: Thank you for your constant efforts and support of SBP! 


A webinar arranged by Dr. Julian Wang, Taipei, TW has successfully been held containing historical aspects of the Schroth method as well as the state of the art of bracing spinal deformities and the evidence there actually is for the management of spinal deformities. Julian has forwarded a documentation containing the lectures of this event. Thank you Julian for your very great efforts and for providing a platform for this very successful webinar which was translated to Chinese language. In the following you can find the links to the lectures:  

This photo of our current quarterly team colloquium was taken during the lunch break. We met again on July 7th: (from the left) Dr. Esser, orthopedic and osteopath physician, myself, Ms. Dipl.-Ing. med. Giessel, pediatrician, our visitor Ms. Schwemann, a physiotherapist from Hannover who specializes in scoliosis, and my friend Manuel Lay, former orthopedic technician in Gensingen and now working in the Scoliosis Center Mosel in Zell-Barl, Mosel area, Germany. ( 
We had a great day again seeing patients together and discussing special issues...... 
Thanks for the great day and a great pizza!

Hans-Rudolf Weiss


We are very sorry to announce that we had to remove the following former course participants from our list for being non-compliant to our rules and regulations:

Liu Xue 刘雪
Company: Shanghai CareSpine
Address:Shanghai city

Niu Mengmeng牛盟盟
Company :Shanghai Zhengzhongji TCM clinic
City: Shanghai

Wuxuan 吴萱
Company:Care spine Chinese medicine clinic
Address:Room 107, Building A8, Lane 718, Lingshi Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai

ZhiHao Zhao赵治皓
City: Shanghai province
Telephone: 17521243993

We untertake all efforts necessary to keep the standard ouf our courses as high as possible and we update our course contents regularly according to the very recent evidence.
Our high demands on our course quality collide with course participants who shortly after completing an SBP basic course at our academy prepare to offer courses on functional scoliosis treatment according to Schroth in their own name. 


Thanks to our dear friend Maksym Borysov the first Gensingen braces have just been successfully adjusted in Tunis. Many thanks also to Step Physiotherapy Center for all the support!
#gensingenbrace #gbw #schrothbestpractice #Scoliosis


We are happy to announce that we have been able to publish some of our work as book chapters in this book:


We had a great conference with more than 180 participants from more than 30 countries! Thanks for your participation. The abstracts of the scientific papers can be found within the proceedings book via this link:
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Due to the actual Covid 19 situation in Germany unfortunately the the centennial (100 years of the Schroth method) celebration conference and grand opening of the full Katharina Schroth exhibition in Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Germany is postponed one year.The SBP advanced course prior to the conference is postponed as well.Thanks for your understanding and stay healthy!


The year 2021 is the Katharina Schroth year! The centennial (100 years of the Schroth method) will be celebrated and the first event with an official Schroth exhibition and a congress is already taking place in January.

Einladung Skoliosekongress


Schroth’s Textbook of Scoliosis and Other Spinal Deformities AI Sheet


I would like to share an interesting issue: A paper submitted by myself has been denied publication. As the reason for this the reviewer's criticism was specified. However, the reviewers did not suggest rejection...
Therefore, I was contacting the editor 3 times by e-mail and twice by phone but I did not succeed (no answer).
As I had successfully published with this journal before the unscientific behavior of the editors can only be explained in one way: They were obviously advised by members of societies supported by the spinal implant industry not to accept papers from an author with a critical attitude towards surgery in spinal deformities any longer. See yourself....


Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-29 um 11.56.06

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-29 um 11.56.27

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-29 um 11.56.52
(When I tried to contact the editors of this journal before, I always have received a fast answer...)


Dear friends,

hope this e-mail finds you well! As you know last year the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China came in our way, this year, due to the Corona epidemy, we will have to postpone the meeting another time…..

we will now make a third attempt for 2021 which would be the centennial meeting of the Schroth method. Now this will give us enough time for (a) checking the epidemic / pandemic situation and (b) for a good planning. Maybe we should think of making it a 2 and a half day meeting (Friday to Sunday) instead of one and a half (date to be determined).
We will do our very best!



Announcement for the conference in Beijing entitled 'Spinal Deformities - Evidence and Management' taking place September 19th and 20th 2020!National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids 1


Today (May 14th) is Dr. Chêneau's (92nd) birthday! 
As I have learned so much from Dr. Chêneau and as his principles of treatment have widely been implemented in the Gensingen brace (GBW) today we also celebrate Happy Gensingen Brace day!


Hans-Rudolf Weiss

The Academy's Bejing conference will be postponed:
Dear Dr. Weiss, 

I'm sorry to tell you that I just received a notice from my superiors that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and Beijing will hold a series of activities to celebrate National Day.
Especially near the National Day, foreign-related activities are difficult to hold, the entry and exit of Beijing procedures are very troublesome. 
Our meeting in September involves a lot of foreign personnel. For foreign participants, visa and entry may be affected. Considering the effect and quality of the meeting, it is the best choice to postpone the meeting to next year (the specific time will be decided later). 

Best regards.

The Academy regrets that our plans cannot be fulfilled this year. Wishing all the best.


What patients with spinal deformities should know

Scoliosis and Sports:


New paper in the German PT (Physical Therapy) Journal:


First announcement of our conference in Beijing entitled 'Spinal Deformities - Evidence and Management'

National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids 1


Welcome Luo Liping, our new Schroth Best Practice basic level instructor for China!
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December 2017

October 2017
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September 2017


March 2017
De-tethering by Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

and exercises
January 2017
bildschirmfoto-2017-01-13-um-07-40-37 It has been decided to introduce two new terms: PSSR (Pattern Specific Scoliosis Rehabilitation) and PSSB (Pattern Specific Scoliosis Bracing). The reason why is that currently the word 'specific' is watered down. While with Schroth it was always meant as to be 'pattern specific' today many approaches are called 'specific' just because a method is used for scoliosis treatment even though a pattern specific approach is not described. Therefore, when following a certain pattern specific correction routine like in the Schroth Best Practice Program or with the Gensingen (Schroth) Brace we use the term PSSR and PSSB respectively. 

November 2016 

Dr. Weiss' lecture at the 10th. meeting of the Hellenic Spine Society October 26th to 29th 2016: 
Some impressions from the 10th. meeting of the Hellenic Spine Society October 26th to 29th 2016:

Sorry that the paper by Nicos Karavidas comparing two different brace concepts has not bee accepted! Anyway, thanks for your efforts and your constant support. At least here we have one presentation about the Gensingen brace by Nicos Karavidas: GBW.

Thanks for your support!

August 2016
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Click'n read....

June 2016 

4th. full service center opened in Beijing, China, a 5th in Guangzhou is in its way to open August this year! Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-16 um 23.23.10 

In 2015 the first Gensingen Brace (GBW) has been printed. Now we have the first patient fitted in a printed GBW as manufactured in China by Nan Xiaofeng, one of our board members. We are proud to have you on board Xiaofeng!!!! Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-02 um 23.37.24 

May 2016 

Gensingen Brace (GBW) CAD Adjustment Course held in Bad Sobernheim May 26th - 28th. IMG_1253 IMG_0870 

Chinese Specialists visiting the Scoliosis Museum together with D. Weiss Chin BaSo 

Three new bracing services about to start in North America after the course successfully held by Dr. Marc Moramarco in cooperation with Maksym Borysov Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-03 um 19.21.52 
April 2016

New scoliosis full service center in China!

Thanks to:
Xie Hua, CPO
(Physical Rehabilitation & Bracing) Orthotist, Registered Schroth Best Practice Therapist
in Cooperation with 
Xiaofeng Nan, CPO (Official distributor Mainland China)
Room 2801,Building 4,Daping Vanke Center,
No.160 Daping Street,Yuzhong District,
Chongqing city,China

Nicos Tournavitis to open his third bracing service in Cyprus! Congrats! Dr. Wael Hassane starting his Best Practice bracing service in Egypt, soon. 
March 2016

Chiiko Ishihara and Prof. Yosuke Shiraishi, Scoliosis Best Practice Center, Tokyo will make a presentation on Schroth Best Practice and the GBW at Nagoya University, Japan!

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January 2016

A new full service center has been activated in Seoul, Korea. Our very best wishes to Prof. Sang Gil Lee!

The presentations given during our instructional course in Lyon during the ISPO meeting are now available online.
Chair: Hans-Rudolf Weiss
Presenters: Marc Moramarco, Maksym Borysov and Hans-Rudolf Weiss
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When using the secured links below please use the password: ISPOWC2015
1. Introduction
2. Conservative Scoliosis Treatment
3. Exercises
4. Bracing

October 2015


Chinese Turn to Customized 3D Printed Braces for Scoliosis Treatment
The medical applications for 3D printing continue to expand, encompassing numerous areas within both internal and external medicine. For instance we’ve see dozens of different 3D printed medical implants, as well as 3D models used for surgical preparation, and of course we also have seen the vast array of external 3D printed devices such as braces and prostheses……
read more…

After the Schroth Best Practice course in the Netherlands Nikos Karavidas had a lecture at the German Orthopedic conference in Berlin about Exercise treatment for scoliosis where he promoted the Schroth Best Practice program. Thanks for your efforts and your kind support Nikos!
Here are the slides with most of the exercise pictures taken from the Schroth Best Practice program. Corrective_exercises_in_the_treatment_of_Scoliosis