Manual Therapy Course

During high-correction exercises, but also during the fitting of our patients with high-correction braces, pain can sometimes occur that has nothing to do with the deformity itself. 
Functional movement disorders / joint blockages can cause a corrective movement to be painful.

Therefore, manual therapy or chiropractic is a useful add-on to the management portfolio when specializing in spinal deformities.
Especially for physiotherapists a course has been designed and organized in which safe manual techniques are taught.

Instructor: Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, Neu-Bamberg, Germany

Participants: Maksym Borysov, currently Ontario, Canada; Pernille Pernille Winslov Wied, Copenhagen, Denmark and Lisa Elliott, Copenhagen, Denmark

Some impressions:

The Schroth Best Practice Academy is thankful to Lisa and Pernille for providing the pictures for this course documentation!