Instructor’s Info

This is a page for SBP instructors, only.

As an instructor, you have to make sure that a potential course participant can be admitted to the course from the point of view of their educational level and also with regard to their professional profile. Especially with potential participants from the UK, it is important to make sure that they are exclusively physiotherapists, as Debs is seeking NHS approval for SBP in the UK. Therefore, admission of a UK osteopath or chiropractor may be a professional policy issue.
From now on this page will list in alphabetical order all names of people who have been excluded from attending our courses by one of our instructors, for whatever reason.
Thus all instructors can inform themselves before a course whether there is someone among their prospective customers who is not eligible for SBP courses.
We should keep this list up to date together!

Exclusion List

Parr, Michael;, Cambridge