Data protection

This privacy policy applies to the Internet offer []. This is responsible for the contents of this Internet offer. References to external contents are indicated (see above).
Data processing on behalf
This Internet offer is maintained by Maksym Borysov, Ukraine and by WordPress® as a technical service provider. In doing so, there is no storage and processing of personal usage data beyond the scope of this declaration. 

Collection of usage data / usage analysis
When accessing our website, we collect the following data in a log file: - IP address in anonymized (shortened) form - time of the accessed page or name of the retrieved file (URL) - status information (eg error codes) - amount of data transmitted - Browser information (used web browser, operating system, language setting, etc.)

The data is used exclusively for statistical purposes. A passing on to third does not take place. This website does not use any techniques that aim to evaluate the access behavior of individual users. Personal user profiles are not created.

Links to other websites
Our Internet offer contains references to contents of other offerers. These are recognizable by the indication of explicit links (for example, by means of corresponding references in the text or the marking with the symbol. It also opens external links in its own browser window. The use of this external content may be subject to other requirements than those shown here.

In certain cases, so-called temporary cookies are used. These do not contain any personal information and will be automatically deleted at the end of the session when you close your web browser.
In the case of a link, third-party cookies may be used without us being able to explicitly inform you. The common browsers allow you to set the processing of such cookies, so that you can disable the storage of these cookies or set the type of processing by your browser.

Collection of personal data in online forms
Insofar as we ask you to provide personal data (such as your name, address or e-mail address) in the context of this offer, we will tell you in the online form the purpose for which we collect it and how we process it. It is up to you to decide whether to provide this information.

Information rights
Information rights can be asserted in writing or by e-mail to the office named in the imprint. This also applies to contradictions to a given declaration of consent.

This offer currently does not support data encryption. When transferring your data on the Internet, therefore, there is the possibility that they may be taken note of by unauthorized persons or changed.