The Schroth Best Practice courses are for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths (in Japan Judo therapists) and medical doctors (physicians) only! No orthotists are admitted to the Schroth Best Practice courses!

When applying for a course please submit your valid license and your CV via e-mail to the course instructor / organizer!
In preparation for the course please be advised to read the textbook 'Schroth Therapy' prior to the course. This will allow to make most out of the course and grab the contents easily.

From 2018 on we will no longer provide individual 2-days A-Level courses. There will be four and a half day Schroth Best Practice (SBP) courses and advanced courses (SBP advanced), only.
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We do not regularly provide course materials other than the book (not included in the course fee) and we would prefer your preparation for the course reading this book prior to the course as this course will use a more practical approach to the Schroth Best Practice method of rehabilitation. You do not need to write during the course, just follow the instructor closely and you will achieve the best possible results.
The textbook can be ordered via Amazon or directly at the publishing company.

Prior to the course please read

- this academy site in full!
- this course site
- the info history 
- the info background site

As we provide practical courses in the first place we would not like to have the participant’s attention attracted by some documents rather than watching and learning what is happening on the patients treated. Primary goals of the courses are to
- experience corrective movements (feel it)
- visualize the corrective movement (see it)
- learn how to use the technical aids (teach it)
- learn how to best approach the patient (teach it).

The theory can be found in the book. And what is not found in the book is not needed for practical treatment of scoliosis patients. If someone is interested in more theoretical background information this can easily be found on this site or can be downloaded from open access papers. Many papers can be found and downloaded from the literature listed here:

Actually the following courses are offered in 2017:


Course SBP 1714 December: SBP basic course (Language: English / Chinese) AVENIDA DA PRAIA GRANDE, NO. 429, CENTRO COMERCIAL PRAIA GRANDE 27 ANDAR MACAU Dates: Dec 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, Instructor: Dr. SY Ng; Organizer: OU SI Medical Center; TEL:(853)28356989.


Actually the following courses are offered in 2018:

Course SBP 1801 January: SBP basic course (Language: German) Venue:Thermalbad Wiesenbad; Date: January 3rd. to 7th. 2018; Instructor: Dr. med. Hans-Rudolf Weiss; Organizer: Dr. med. Enrico Weidauer Chefarzt, Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Germany; Gesellschaft für Kur und Rehabilitation mbH; Freiberger Straße 33, 09488 Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Tel.:  03733/504-1202 E-Mail:


Course SBP 1803 January:: SBP basic course (Language: Mandarin),
Venue: Longjikang clinic, Jinsui Road No.42,zhujiang new town, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China,Date: Saturday, January 27th - Wednesday,January 31st 2018,Duration: 4 1/2 days,Instructor: Dr. Huiling (Wonderful) Du,Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Acupuncturist, Official Schroth Best Practice Advanced Instructor. Information and application: Tel: +86-13580500006 / +8620-8380 0383,E-mail:


Course SBP 1804 February: SBP basic course (Language: English) Venue: Beyond Yoga, West Gate Alabang, Philippines Date: 9th to 13th of February 2018. Instructor: Shu Yan Ng DC, MAppSc Official Schroth Best Practice Advanced Instructor, Organizer: Joms Visda, PTRP, DO-MTP (


Course SBP 1802 March: SBP basic course (Language: English), Venue: ScolioFys, Thorsgade 59, 1st floor, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark; Date: Wednesday, March 7th - Sunday, March 11th 2018 Duration: 4 1/2 days Instructors: Pernille Wied, PT and Lisa Elliott, PT, Official Schroth Best Practice Advanced Instructors; Information and application:;