Best Practice Bracing Center Singapore

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Dr. Budi Sugiarto Widjaja, MD
Official distributor South East Asia
Official Schroth Best Practice Basic course and Bracing Instructor
Spine Clinic Family Holistic Jakarta, Indonesia.
Clinic Address: Jl.Daan Mogot no 176A. Jakarta Barat. Indonesia 11520
Phone: +62 8561147133


Only braces made by the designers of Koob GmbH & Co KG are Gensingen Braces™. These braces are constantly developed further, are based on quality management programs and the individual designs are approved by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss.
Only bracing centers listed on this website are providing the original evidence based Gensingen Brace™ (GBW). If you want to make sure to have a brace with the highest rate of success you can only rely on the list of bracing centers provided here!

Additionally, some so called 'specialists' may urge you to buy unnecessary tools (without scientific evidence) like shown in the following and put you on a traction bed for lots of money. 
Don't pay for cheap Chêneau style brace copies and unnecessary applications!

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Things scoliosis patients do not need!